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Chim is exchanging information at #WFH2016 in Orlando

Chim at WFH

Chim finds out how her case study is being used at the World Federation of Hemophilia Conference in Orlando, USA.


Chimwemwe Chande is playing a vital role in our work to give people in Malawi the chance of a laboratory diagnosis.

Until recently, it has been very difficult to be sure exactly which condition someone with a suspected bleeding disorder, such as haemophilia, actually has.  Without a diagnosis it is difficult to give the right treatment.

Chim has been working with our friends in Haemophilia Scotland and the Novo Nordisk Hemophilia Foundation help make sure more healthcare professionals can spot potential conditions so people can be referred to the new haemophilia clinics which are being set up.

We are really pleased she had the opportunity to travel to the World Federation of Hemophilia conference in Orlando, USA.  She is learning about the treatment of bleeding disorders and making sure the rest of the world knows about the work being done in Malawi.