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New Awareness Raising Posters Launched

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Working with our friends at Haemophilia Scotland we are producing a thousand A2 posters in English and Chichewa to find people who might have a bleeding disorder.


Click here to download your printable copy of the poster in English.

We have already run 19 training sessions at district hospital which mean that the 343 healthcare professional who took part now know how to spot someone who might have a bleeding disorder and how to refer them.

The posters highlight the following symptoms,

  • Excess bleeding after trauma, a procedure, or childbirth.
  • Headaches combined with facial, arm or leg weakness in someone who has significant bruising.
  • Nose bleeds.
  • Swollen joints or muscles; red, painful, immobile, hot to touch.
  • Bruising and iron deficiency.
  • Blood in urine or bowel movements.
  • Heavy bleeding at menstruation.

The posters advise anyone who thinks they have a bleeding disorder or have a patient with a suspected bleeding disorder to get in touch with SHAD for more information.

The posters are supported by a radio add campaign which you can also hear on YouTube.


People are also advised that they can contact Dr Y Miombe directly,

Mobile/SMS. 0994969108 (SMS preferred)
SMS/Whatsapp. 0881405108 (Whatsapp preferred)

This part of our work to improve the number of people diagnosed with bleeding disorders in Malawi is supported by funding from The Scottish Government.

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